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SF Chronicle

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Datebook by Charles Desmaris | August 17, 2019 Isca Greenfield-Sanders: "Inherited Landscape":  There is a great chasm between paintings based on photographs that are intended as representations of the original subject, and paintings made to represent photographs.  The first is a socially accepted form of blatant lying, the latter an examination of the way we see and remember.  Isca Greenfield-Sanders, a New York artist who has shown often at Berggruen, is a master in the mold of the Bay Area's great Robert Bechtle at capturing the pathos of the world reduced to an entrapped image.  Oct. 18-Nov.21. Free Berggruen Gallery, 10 Hawthorne St., S.F. 415-781-4629.  www.berggruen.com  


Landscape Painting Now | From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism

. Excerpt from Landscape Painting Now | From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism ISCA GREENFIELD-SANDERS Born 1978, New York, NY, USA.  Lives in New York, NYIsca Greenfield-Sanders makes square-format landscape painting, often beach scenes, based on vintage 35mm color slides.  Her interest in the still image as a stand-in for memory led her to develop a multistep process that combines photography, watercolor, and oil.  She scans and manipulates the source image, creates a watercolor study, enlarges it to a square of thirty-five or sixty-three inches, and transfers it to a canvas using a pair grid that remains faintly visible.  The final layer is painted with oils to create depth and allow evidence of the layering beneath. Drawing on her background in visual arts and mathematics, she creates her work in series, sometimes producing up to ten images from a single slide. Greenfield-Sanders’s choices often reveal the amateurish nature of her photographic ...Read more