Striking Oil, Isca’s Talent Runs in the Family

by A.M. HOMES | September 2006

She is a young artist with provenance-her father is photographer-filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, her grandfather Abstract Expressionist Joop Sanders. At 27, Isca Greenfield-Sanders has already had exhibitions in Europe, and this fall she has a show opening in New York at Chelsea’s Goff & Rosenthal gallery. Her paintings, based on found photographs of strangers, are syntheses of old-fashioned technique and new-fashioned technical prowess. After each picture is scanned and edited, it becomes a composite of small watercolor “tiles” which evolve into a six-foot oil painting.

“I became very attached to the Warholian idea of an image never having a finite end. Using computers and printers, I am able to continue to reproduce a single image, changing scale, medium, and palette-I learn about the image cumulatively,” the artist explains.

Her images are pared down to their essential elements-looking at them is a curious act of disassembling. The photographic underpinning gives an immediate understanding, but then you notice that the images are tiles, sections with a deliberate palette and brush-stroke. The paintings linger in an ethereal, almost mythic place-unlike with photographs, they are forever in motion.